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, here, and there, and we got you covered everywhere. with amy kellogg in a nervous london, and eric in times square, and sheryl outside fortress wall street, and rick leventhal in an anxious boston. we start with rick. >> a number of developments this afternoon, including a boston globe report that investigators found a circuit board believed to have triggered the bombs. they were made with pressure cookers, a style of explosive device found in afghanistan and pakistan. we learned that the saudi national who was tackled running from the scene, whose apartment was searched, has been cleared as a possible suspect, and they have re-opened part of boylston street as the shrink the crime scene and focus their efforts on the bomb site. we know investigators and atf and fbi are documenting every inch of payment, collecting every shred of possible evidence and they're asking for the puck's help to provide video or pictures taken near the finish line. it's call the most complex crime scene in the history of the city and the police are asking for breathing room. >> we want you to be vigilant.
they had dral. amy kellogg joins us from london with more. >> hi patti ann. high hi heather. it is being delivered to the chapel where there will be a short service then it will be carried on to st. paul's cathedral where the funeral is going to take place. vip guests have been arriving over the past hour at st. paul's cathedral. this is going to be the funeral for margaret thatcher who was the first and only female british prime minister and the longest serving prime minister of the 20th century in the united kingdom. she is obviously also the prime minister with the strongest legacy. there are 2,000 guests who have been invited. some of the peers declined to travel because of their age nancy reagan and mikhail gorbachev to name a few but henry kissinger is here as well as james baker and former vice president dick cheney is also here. a congressional delegation from the u.s. will be in attendance. queen elizabeth and prince philip will be here as well as who's who of british politics. thatcher's coffin was moved yesterday at the palace of westminster and it will travel along a two-mile
ago. amy kellogg in london watching news conference and listening out of russia. what are we hearing from the parents? >> reporter: mrs. tsarnaev did most of the talking and she was denying so many points we already heard to be true in this case. she said the junger son dzhokhar's backpack, thee she is seeing this on the internet. the backpack he actually had does not match the one that the bomb came from. she says there is video out there of her older son tamerlan being taken by police alive, naked and handcuffed the night he died. finally she says that the lawyers for dzhokar, say he is not able to speak, move or write. any information about a question something not true at all. both she and her husband are talking about coming to the united states the husband definitely says he is coming in the next day or so. she is not so sure. not because of that outstanding shoplifting charge againster had. she simply claims she will not be able to see her son in the hospital and afraid people talking about her being some sort of a terrorist, bill. bill: we have a timeline of 2012 apparently w
foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg is in britain tonight. >> as a result of bombings in boston, much of the rest of the world went on alert. without information on the motive or perpetrators behind monday's attacks, countries such as france tightened up their security, albeit quietly. as the condemnations and condolences came in from around the world. in russia, no stranger to urban terror attacks. words of sympathy and flowers were placed outside the u.s. embassy. and world leaders expressed outrage and solidarity. >> australia unreservedly condemns these brutal senseless attacks on what is a great event known around the world and one people participating to have some of their family and friends watch on. >> i'm deeply shocked by the explosion at the boston marathon. our deep sympathy is with the american people in this hour of sadness. >> the mayor of london called the bombings cowardly. as this city gears up for a marathon of its own this weekend. the largest sporting charity event in the world which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. ♪ ♪ >> london is reviewing
-old they are looking for dzhokhar tsarnaev and his deceased older brother tamerlan. amy kellogg has background from london tonight. >> the suspect two suspects were named by police today as ethnic chechens and brothers. on the left tamerlan tsarnaev 26 years old killed in a shootout with police last night. on the right 19-year-old dzhokhar still at large. they had lived in the united states for about 10 years. intelligence services say dzhokhar tsarnaev has a social media web site page world view of islam and personal career and money. there are also links to apparent jihadist videos. their paternal uncle spoke to reporters visually outraged by what had occurred. >> he put a shame on our family. tsarnaev family. he put a shame on the entire chechen ethnicity. >> we spoke with the suspect's father a lawyer in afghanistan. he claims he was a boxer. the daughter of a 3-year-old daughter and jazz musician and dzhokhar was training to be a dentist. >> >> thepect's aunt also cast doubts on accusations against them. i'm suspicious this was staged. the picture was standle. >> he went to school number 1 nex
to the end. gregg: that was amy kellogg reporting. margaret thatcher never once to mince words was a virulent enemy of socialism. three years before she became prime minister she said, quote, socialist two of thes traditionally do make a financial mess. they always run out of other people's money. martha: one of her most famous quotes. we'll hear a lot of those this morning. mrs. thatcher and ronald reagan as you heard in amy kellogg's package they were truly political soulmates and very close friends. reagan once called her the best man in england. she called him the second most important man in her life next to her beloved husband dennis. in 2004 a taped eulogy of baroness thatcher was played at president reagan's state funeral. >> in in his lifetime ronald reagan was a cheerful and invigorating presence but it was easy to forget what daunting tasks he set himself. he sought to mend america's wounded spirit. to reare so the strength of the free world, and to free the slaves of communism. martha: incredible video that we're seeing this morning that remind you so much of her, very strong inte
exactly there in that country but in fact he was, we believe, closely watched. our own amy kellogg here speaking to a newspaper editor in dagestan saying if tamerlan was in fact being watched during this time there is no way he could go off to the mountains to train with radicals there. however, while he was there in the six-month time he was in dagestan there were various clashes between militants and the authorities as they fight for an independent dagestan away from russia. so at the very least he was exposed. while there is no direct evidence of contact, the circumstantial evidence is very clear, bill. prior to this trip to dagestan he was a, going towards an conservative view of islam. he went there. when he came back he was posting islamist videos on the youtube. he was speaking out at his moderate boston mosque. a few months later, buying fireworks, fireworks maybe had a part to do with that boston bombing. bill: clearly this is moving quickly too. greg palkot, stay on it, live from london on our coverage there today. martha: we have some brand new information about exactly what
about, that six-month visit by the tamerlan tsarnaev that he exactly what he he did. our amy kellogg was able to reach the father. he says he claimed to u.s. officials that his sons are innocent and that tamerlan made no contact with radicals when he was in dagestan. extremist group there claim the same. as you note, megyn, there are a lot of questions about that trip. there are different reasons given for tamerlan going. conflicting time lines of where he was and who he was with also a lot of focus on one of the mosques he is said to have attended there. it is an extremist mosques and militants are said to attend along with the congregation. one report does in fact say that russian officials think that he had multiple contacts with at least one extremist leader. now, again, what we don't know yet if there is is any hard evidence of contact, we do know for a fact that in that six months that he was there, he was exposed to a lot of violence there were a lot of clashes in the dagestan capital. there were different fights between islamist groups who are fighting for independence away f
about a six-month visit that tamerlan tsarnaev paid to dagestan in 2012 and what he did. our own amy kellogg was able to reach the father. he claimed to u.s. officials his sons were innocent and tamerlan said no contact with radicals in dagestan. extremists there claimed the same. there are different reasons for him going, conflicting timelines of where he was and who he was with. a lot of focus on one of the mosquit mosque. they believe in fact he did make contact with extremists. again no hard evidence of that contact. at least during the time he was in that dagestan city he had exposure to radicalism. there was several clashes between islamist troops demanding independence for dagestan from russia. no hard evidence again but circumstantial evidence of the significance of this trip before, by all accounts he had turned much more conservative in his islamic beliefs. after that it all ratcheted up. after the trip he spoke out at a local moderate boston mosque, started posting islamic videos on his youtube site and allegedly started to make preparations for that boston attack along wi
who have no experience with weapons or explosives, telling our own amy kellogg tamerlan, the older son was a boxer, father himself of a 3-year-old and jazz musician and that dzhokhar was training to be a dentist. even at one point describing his once fugitive son as a smart and accomplished angel in his words. alisyn? brian? jon, back to you. >> alisyn: so interesting to look at the background. >> jon: disturbing to hear the father say cowardly, saying police were cowardly in shooting his older brother? i mean, talk about cowardly. planting bombs by site of a marathon. >> brian: he was questioned for taking pictures of the world trade center. there might be something there with the family. let's see what happens down the road. so, just what were the two brothers actually like? our next guest actually knows because he knows the family. he helped coach dzhokhar when he was on a jv soccer team in cambridge. familiar with the older one because of his boxing prowess. >> jon: been inside of their home. like others, is he trying to digest the twists and turns of this story. >> alisyn: joining
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)